"Watching him move is like seeing magic."
Matt Roben, Executive Director, 2015 Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival

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Peter Davison - Movings
Peter Davison

Peter combines the artistry of a physical comedian, dancer, and National Juggling Champion in a one-of-a-kind performance that transforms the stage into a magical world of motion.

Rather than using typical juggling and circus props, Peter finds extraordinary things to do with ordinary objects, which he brings to life as characters in a pantomime, or partners in a dance.

Who else would dream up an aerial ballet with inflated jumbo garbage bags?

Or engage in a precarious battle of balance with an ordinary chair and table?

The performance includes original music composed by Jesse Manno, and is captivating for all ages!

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The Science & Circus Arts Show!

National Juggling Champion and movement artist Peter Davison presents juggling, unicycling, balancing, acrobatics, and more, while teaching the science behind the artistry.

Much more than a "science demonstration," Peter mixes awesome circus skills with dance and physical theater in a unique presentation that captivates all ages.

Human and machine locomotion, Newton's Laws of Motion, center of gravity, gyroscopic action, centrifugal and centripetal forces, friction, and other physical phenomena are revealed.

Workshops and a study guide are available to keep the fun and learning going well after the show is over.

This show is packed with audience participation, education, and entertainment!

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Objectivity Dance Theater
Objectivity Dance Theater

Founded in 2015 by Peter Davison and Jennifer Aiken, ODT is a unique mix of concert dance, physical theater, and circus artistry.

ODT presents performances in theaters, and outreach programs such as school assembly programs and workshops.

"ODT's public performance was such a beautiful and diverse selection of pieces. From the two-person Baroque juggling act to the physical theater of the operatic love letters to the graceful beauty of a duet set in a dark theater with a single light held by the dancers to a unicycle-riding and roller-skating piece that reminded me of Luc Besson's futuristic film The Fifth Element, ODT displayed such a wide variety of talent. There was something for everyone in the performance. The feedback I have received has been positively glowing."

Mandy M. Maass—Executive Director, Southwest Montana Arts Council

Visit ODT's website: objectivitydance.org

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