"Watching him move is like seeing magic."
—Matt Roben, Executive Director, 2015 Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival

Current Repertoire:
Peter Davison - la danse des objets
Peter Davison in
la danse des objets
(The Dance of Objects)

See THINGS differently in this uniquely MOVING show!

Peter combines the artistry of a physical comedian, dancer, and National Juggling Champion in a magical performance that captivates all ages.

Peter finds extraordinary things to do with ordinary objects, which he brings to life as characters in a pantomime, or partners in a dance. You will leave the theater with a new perspective on the things around you!

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The Science & Circus Arts Show!

National Juggling Champion and movement artist Peter Davison presents juggling, unicycling, balancing, acrobatics, and more, while teaching the science behind the artistry.

Much more than a "science demonstration," Peter mixes awesome circus skills with dance and physical theater in a unique presentation that captivates all ages.

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Objectivity Dance Theater
Objectivity Dance Theater

Founded in 2015 by Peter Davison and Jennifer Aiken, ODT is a unique mix of concert dance, physical theater, and circus artistry.

ODT presents performances in theaters, and outreach programs such as school assembly programs and workshops.

Visit ODT's website: objectivitydance.org