Peter Davison performs for school audience Peter Davison performs for school audience
Studies clearly show impressive benefits of arts education on students' learning ability, creativity, motivation, attitude, and attendance!
Acclaimed movement artist Peter Davison has tailored his art to create programs aimed at young audiences. He has worked with Think 360 Arts (Colorado's Young Audiences organization) since 1992. Enjoy exploring the offerings below.
Grades K through 8
LocoMotion - The Science & Circus Arts Show, with Peter Davison

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LocoMotion - Science & Circus!

Peter performs amazing juggling, balancing, spinning, unicycle, clowning, and more while revealing the Newtonian Physics behind the artistry. With lots of laughs, gasps, and participation, this program will excite audiences and get them thinking about—and experiencing—the science of motion.

Human and machine locomotion, Newton's Laws of Motion, center of gravity, gyroscopic action, centripetal force, friction, and other physical phenomena are revealed through captivating entertainment!

"Peter Davison's LocoMotion was a huge hit with our K-5 audiences! Peter performed 4 shows in our 1100 seat theatre, wowing the older students with his science tricks and delighting the younger crowds with his expert clowning and circus techniques. Teachers were thrilled with the show's curriculum connections, and the students remained engaged for the full hour, laughing and eagerly volunteering for the audience participation moments."
—Retta Leaphart, Arts Education & Outreach Coordinator, The Myrna Loy Center, Helena, Montana

"The audience loved the show - they laughed, cheered, and talked about the performance for the rest of the day!"
—Alyssa Parga, Director of Marketing & Development, Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, Pueblo, Colorado
Grades K and up
Peter Davison presents workshops in physical theater, juggling, circus arts, & dance

Single session, or residency.

Peter presents workshops to support the above programs, or as stand alone events. Drawing from physical theatre, dance, and circus, workshops are tailored to the appropriate curriculum areas and needs of the students.

Previous workshop examples:

• Week-long Science & Circus Arts residency for fourth graders at three schools in district
• One hour Juggling Workshop for university department heads
• Two week "Vaudeville" movement residency for fourth & fifth graders working with P.E. teacher
• Month long Juggling & Mime residency for third graders working with music teacher, leading to performance for school community
• Four-session residency for high school students in art focus program