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Peter Davison in
Fun Stuff starring juggler, dancer, physical comedian Peter Davison

Remember when you were a kid and it was more fun to play with the box than the gift that came inside of it?

Peter Davison takes that kind of childlike ingenuity to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL with:

Graceful DANCING

"Peter is a professional at all levels and is great to work with. His genuine love of performing shines through his whole performance and the audience falls in love with him from the beginning of the show. With all of this, I think the most important part of the show is how respectful he his with his young volunteers on stage!"
Kathy Klatt
Children's Program Coordinator/Outreach Specialist
Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library, Broomfield, Colorado

Peter Davison in Fun Stuff, juggling, dancing, physical comedy

About the Show

From an aerial "ballet" with inflated garbage bags, to a precarious battle of balance with a table and chair, Peter captivates all ages while revealing how FUN ordinary STUFF can be. This LOW TECH but INSPIRING live performance is the perfect respite from electronic screens!

"The highlight for me was sitting in the audience next to a senior patron who several times grabbed my arm gasping and exclaiming "amazing," "unbelievable," "how did he do that" and at the same time catching the overwhelming joy of a four-year old patron who sat behind us bubbling with laughter and amazement throughout the entire performance."
Scott Doser
Artistic Director, Palm Theatre, Telluride, Colorado

Juggler, dancer & physical comedian Peter Davison performs with inflated garbage bags!
Fun Stuff is generally a 60-minute show for theaters, or a 45-minute show for schools and other educational venues. Peter is fully insured, his technical requirements are flexible, and booking is a breeze.

"To hear the children's laughter and delight showed how your work touched them, especially considering the age range from kindergarten through high school, enjoyable to all. Thank you again for your inspiring and creative performance, and we are looking forward to your return to our school next year! "
Tom Clark
Teacher, Denver Waldorf School
Check out a video interview and preview, courtesy of Think 360 Arts

Peter Davison is a veteran performer with over forty years of professional experience. He has been a National Juggling Champion, an award-winning dancer and choreographer, and he has toured internationally performing on all kinds of stages and on national TV shows. Click here to learn more about Peter.

Peter Davison bows with young audience members

Peter often augments his performances with workshops in physical theatre that engage and get students moving. Through workshops, students experience the physicality of mime, vaudeville, and circus arts, and learn about the history and science behind the arts. And a bonus: studies clearly show impressive benefits of arts education on students' learning ability, creativity, motivation, attitudes, and attendance!

Juggler, dancer & physical comedian Peter Davison presents workshops for all ages

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